Company re-domiciliation services are essential for businesses seeking to relocate their legal domicile and operations to Malta. At JD-CSP, we provide you with an efficient approach to take advantage of Malta’s favourable business environment. The process of re-domiciliation offers several advantages and is of significant importance for businesses looking for continuation in Malta.

Importance of Company Re-domiciliation Services:

1.  Malta’s Business Edge: Malta boasts a myriad of advantages for businesses, from a favourable tax regime to a resilient economic environment. Our re-domiciliation services are tailored to help foreign enterprises harness these benefits to their full potential.

2.  Efficient Transition: Navigating the re-domiciliation landscape can be complex, given the numerous legal and administrative processes. Our expertise lies in simplifying this journey, ensuring meticulous preparation of all required documentation, thereby facilitating a smooth transition for your company.

3.  Legal Continuity: One of the standout features of re-domiciliation is the ability to retain your company’s legal identity, corporate history, and operational framework while transitioning to Malta. This ensures the uninterrupted continuation of existing contracts, business relationships, and operations, eliminating the need for dissolving pre-established structures.

4.  Gateway to the EU Market: Being a member of the European Union, Malta offers businesses a golden ticket to the expansive single EU market and the broader EU economic zone. This becomes a pivotal advantage if you aspire to broaden your horizons within the EU.

5.  Fortified Asset Security: Re-domiciliation can serve as a strategic move to shield both your physical and financial assets. Malta’s robust legal and financial frameworks offer unparalleled safeguards, making asset protection a significant advantage of the process.

To successfully re-domicile a company to Malta, certain prerequisites must be met:

The foreign jurisdiction's laws must permit the migration of the company.
The company's Memorandum and Articles of Association should explicitly state its migratory capability.

Proof of notifying the relevant authorities in the foreign jurisdiction regarding the intended migration must be furnished.
Documentation confirming consent from the company's shareholders, debenture holders, and creditors for the migration, in accordance with foreign jurisdiction laws, is required."

Re-domiciliation services are not just a procedural necessity but a strategic tool for businesses keen on transitioning to Malta. Here at JD-CSP we are committed to offering a comprehensive and efficient pathway for you to capitalize on Malta's business and tax incentives, ensure legal consistency, and gain unhindered access to the EU market. With Malta's robust business infrastructure serving as a magnet, our services are essential in ensuring a successful transition for your businesses.


With Malta's robust business infrastructure serving as a magnet, our services are essential in ensuring a successful transition for your businesses.

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