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Company Re-Domiciliation

An increasing number of jurisdictions allow for the continuation or re-domiciliation of corporate entities. Overseas companies wishing to migrate to Malta and avail themselves of Malta’s favourable tax system are able to continue their economic activity in Malta without any interruption of the business operations of the company.

The Maltese Companies Act allows a company to be ‘redomiciled’ or continued in Malta by following a process of transferring the company’s seat to Malta. This necessitates a change in the domicile and registered address of a company incorporated outside of Malta and the adoption of a Malta registered address by undergoing the process established by law for re-domiciliation.
The Malta Business Registry will issue a Provisional Certificate, after-which the Company will be deemed to be validly registered as a Maltese company for all intents and purposes of Maltese legislation, hence will be subject to all the duties and will be in a position of exercising all the powers of a company registered in Malta.